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Welcome to my website above there is a link to "A Black Model in Paris" a documentary about the first non light skin model to walk the Paris runway.  A very touching story of how I went to Paris with little or no money and became a Top Super Model to grace the Paris and European Catwalks and fashion magazines. I became a success despite overwhelming odds. For those who are aspiring to be in the fashion industry wether you are Models, Designers, Hair Dressers, Makeup Artist or Photographers there is a great deal of inspiration in A Black Model in Paris for you. 

For Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, Packagers of film take a look at my clips of me acting in a live showcase. I can  do comedy and drama.  You can see my talent in these showcase videos I'll be adding more as time marches on. Thank you for your time and consideration and for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my videos and publicity I will continue to strive for excellence in my performance and work. For everyone don't forget to look on page two for my slide show photos.

Here is Amina Warsuma in her showcase having fun performing before an audiencehttp://fb.me/2jckKPZx4 

 Here is Amina Warsuma doing her showcase for industry professionals  she loves performing and acting. http://fb.me/1C6PT2OrN 


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Enjoy model and actress Amina Warsuma on ActorsE Chat with Judith  

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Huffington Post Game changer award dinner.


Versailles Luncheon 73

ABC world nightly news tonight

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Amina Warsuma reveals her journey and experience as the first African American non light skinned model to walk the catwalks in Paris. She shares her experience on breaking into the fashion business and becoming a supermodel. This information is very practical and informative for up coming models, designers, photographers, makeup artist and hair dressers,who want to make a career in the fashion industry.

I invite you to look at the trailer on the link above and look at the commercials on the youtube links below A Black Model in Paris. As seen on ABC World Nightly News with Diane Sawyer and in Vogue covered by editor Caroline Palmer.  Veronique Hyland editor for Harpers Bazaar wrote an article about Amina Warsuma at the Palace Versailles. Ariana Huffington from the Huffington Post gave The Game Changer award dinner. Hosted by Gayle King from The Morning Show on CBS channel 2 honoring Amina Warsuma.

Ray A. Smith has written about Amina Warsuma in The Wall Street Journal. In reference to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City giving her a Proclamation award. In honor of Amina's contribution for opening the doors to the export and sales of American fashions in Europe.

Which has become a billion dollar business? An economical triumph for American fashion designers and upcoming models. Who are women of color or original in their image. No matter what race or creed they are, because of Amina they have followed in her footsteps. Essence, Ebony, Profile, Magazines and many more that have written about and validated Amina Warsuma.

As one of the pioneers and game changers in the fashion industry and in American fashion history. Penguin Press has commissioned Pulitzer Prize winner Robin Givhan to write  the story "One Night at the Versailles" write  the story One Night at the Palace Versailles. Amina Warsuma is one of the models mentioned in the upcoming book. The Palace Versailles was built for Louis the XIV. It was built around a chateau belonging to Louis XIII, which was transformed by additions in the grand French classical style. It is a monument built near the town of Versailles in the southwest of Paris.

Being that Amina was in Paris a year before Versailles. She was wearing the American designer Stephen Burrows clothes all over Paris. The French had never seen an American designer's fashions expressed in such an original way. That it defiantly, defied French conventions stirring up opposition from the French and Europeans. They all laughed at the designs and garments that she wore and took it as joke. But Amina kept wearing the clothes with a lionhearted attitude. Displaying the clothes constantly at social events and parties attended by elite French designers. She considers herself to be a catalyze the beginning of the battle at the Palace Versailles. A beacon of light wearing Stephen Burrows clothes that shouted loud and clear the American designers are coming! A warning a series of signals!

It was imminent that the American designers would be a threat to the French and European designers on their own turf. The question was when, where and how can an American designer or an original model break into the European market?  Amina solved her issues with the French and the European market. She explains in A Black Model in Paris.

She was the leader a year ahead of everyone else. Fate played a big hand in bringing this issue of being blocked out of the European markets for her colleagues to a climax. That lead up to the great confrontation and showdown between the French and the American designers a year later. 

Amina arrives back in Paris to do a fund raising show to raise money for the refurnishing of the Palace Versailles. The fund raising show becomes a political and economical battle the French vs American designers. It's now viewed as one of the historical events that happened in the twentieth-century century. 

As a result it became known as the Battle at the Palace Versailles. That made Amina apart of the Palace's history and in its archives. Which has documentation of all persons from Louis XIII,XIV to present day? Along with all the events throughout the centuries in France that have taken place at the Palace Versailles.


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